Our most requested and hottest products:

# 1: BeeTweezers- Reverse(PDT020) To those who want all the venom from their bees.

# 2: SoftSting (PDT090) To do the test sting and save the life of the bee.

# 3: Beck: Bee Venom Therapy (BK011) All the basics and theory of bee venom therapy.

# 4: Bee Sting Therapy Kit #1 (KIT010) The beginner's kit.

# 5: Simics: BVT & MS References (BK018) A good starting point to find BVT resources.

# 6: Elkins: Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, ... (MBK011) An introduction to all bee hive products.

# 7: Simics: Bee Venom Collector Devices (BK020) Basic questions answered.

# 8: VC-Starter Kit Plus (VCD020) For those who want to collect their own bee venom.

# 9: Bee Bread Punch (MCP010) Add value to your beekeeping operation.

# 10: Acupuncture Points Chart (PCH010) A chart for where to sting.

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