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Apitherapy Education Service:
Abstracts of Papers - Pacific Northwest Apitherapy Conference. Apitherapy Education Service - Apitronic Services, 1999, 25 pp., size: 8.5" x 11.0 "

MBK010 - Can. - $15.00 CAD; USA - $10.00 USD; Int. - $12.50 USD "^"

Elkins, Rita:
Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey.This is a well written, easy to read introductory publication on all bee hive products. booklet, 1996, 58 pp.

MBK011 - Can. - $9.45 CAD; USA - $6.50 USD; Int: - $7.95 USD "^"

Brown, Royden:
The World's Only Perfect Food. A personal experience with the benefits of bee pollen lead to the establishment of the USA's largest bee product supply company. Book, 502 pp. published in 1993.

MBK012 - Can. - $36.95 CAD; USA - $26.95 USD; Int: - $32.95 USD

Apimondia '99, Vancouver, BC, Canada:
Apimondia '99 Proceedings - 1999. The latest information in the beekeeping industry including the healing benefits of all bee hive products. An excellent summary of apitherapy related topics. Book-letter size, 309 pp., size: 8.5" x 11.0"

MBK014 - Can. - $22.95 CAD; USA - $18.95 USD; Int: - $29.95 USD

Toor van, R.:
Producing Royal Jelly. This is the first of its kind, a how-to-book on producing royal jelly. It guides you step-by-step over the production process even if you are a commercial beekeeper with hundreds of hive or a hobbyist with only one hive in your back yard. Set up of the production hive(s), site selection, supplement feeding, equipment, harvesting, handling of royal jelly, therapeutic values and standards are discussed. This is an ideal book if you want produce fresh royal jelly for therapeutic use. pp. 87, published in 1997.

MBK015 - Can. - $34.95 CAD; USA - $24.95 USD; Int: - $26.95 USD

Beck, Bodog F., M.D. and Smedley, Dorée:
Honey and Your Health. It is the best researched and most detailed book that describes the healing properties of honey. Reprint of the original 1938th edition by Health Resources Press, Silver Spring, MD. Paperback, references, index, glossary, ISBN 1-890708-02, pp. 246, published in 1997.

MBK016 - Can. - $49.95 CAD; USA - $32.95 USD; Int: - $35.95 USD

Broadhurst, Leigh, Ph.D.
Health and Healing with Bee Products. “Beehive products are nutritional and medicinal powerhouses— the ultimate “nutraceuticals.” They are effectively used for hundreds of reasons from...” A how-to, practical book with recommendations, doses and protocols. The first choice for professionals and apitherapists. High quality color pictures, 2000, 62 pp.

MBK017 - Can. - $15.00 CAD; USA - $12.95 USD; Int: - $15.50 USD

Our prices include shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.

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