We believe that education is one of the most important factors in the promotion and practice of apitherapy. As a result we encourage our clients to gather information before starting any kind of therapy or self-treatment with bee hive products like pollen, bee bread, honey, royal jelly, propolis, bee venom, bee brood or beeswax. Some individuals can be allergic to one of these products, thus sufficient knowledge of its use is essential.

Our Apitherapy Research Service can help you to secure your industry claims on the probable healing properties of these bee hive products as well. These natural substances are regularly used as food, nutritional supplement or in some countries as substances with medicinal properties. Health regulatory authorities often ask references on claims you make on your product. Prepare your information package by using this outstanding service.

Apitherapy Research Service

This service provides research references to those who want more information on how to use bee venom, pollen, bee bread, royal jelly, honey and propolis. These natural products can aid in improving your general health or a particular medical condition. For a fee you can obtain information from our library and database of over 22,000 pages of the most up-to-date, scientifically supported and referenced literature. Of these, 9,000 pages are devoted to bee venom. Download or write for Order Forms.

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