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Order Form I/a.

Our outstanding service is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and scientifically supported information, literature and products for apitherapists, physicians and researchers. You can obtain information from our library and database of over 22,000 pages of literature on bee hive products including bee venom, propolis, honey, royal jelly, pollen and bee bread.

Apitherapy Research Service offers two main services. For a basic charge we will research your request and provide a List of Titles of the publications (including: authors, title, publication type, source of publication, publication date, language, availability, etc.) specified by subject and key words in the Search Requirements section. By using this list you can continue the search on your own. The second service provides the actual articles, etc. in hard copy or disk form. To obtain the second service fill in Order Form II. by checking the numbers corresponding to the titles of literature and return it to us.

Note: The List of Titles and Order Form II. will be shipped after we completed your search request.

Name: ________________________________________________________

Company/dept.: _________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

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Date: __________________________

Service Charges

Search and list of titles: ........................................ $49.95 U.S. Basic charge for each bee hive product. (we mail within ten working days)

Rush Service Delivery options: ............................ $89.80 U.S./each bee hive product (faxed within 24 hours)

Rush Service requests may be faxed or overnight couriered. Courier charges must be included with your payment. Please confirm these charges with the companies involved.

Non-Rush service includes standard postal delivery rates.


Payment in full is required with your request. Cheques and International Money Orders should be made payable to the address below. VISA, MasterCard or overnight courier of payment is required for Rush Service Delivery.

___ Basic Charge ($49.95 U.S./each bee hive product)

___ Rush Service Delivery ($89.80 U.S./each bee hive product)

___ Courier (specify company and charges)

TOTAL:_______________ (Payment in Canadian funds must be adjusted using daily exchange rates)

Send To: Apitronic Services, 9611 No. 4 Road, Richmond, B.C., V7A 2Z1, Canada, Ph./Fax (604) 271-9414

Authorization: In requesting this research I agree to accept responsibility for all charges incurred and authorize Apitronic Services to provide me with a list or information regarding the above marked items requested. I also understand that Apitronic Services and its employees are providing a service of an advisory nature with no express or implied warranty for results and assume no obligation or liability for damages arising out of the use, misuse, or inability to use, the information resulting from this research.

Note: Some subject matter may only have a few published titles based on its unique topic.

Signature: _________________________

(This must be the personal signature of the person making the request. A stamped or typewritten signature or the signature of an agent is not acceptable.

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Apitherapy Research Service

Order Form I/b.

Search Requirements

Detailed Description of Search: Describe subject you wish searched using sentences and / or "Key Words". Be as specific as possible. Define terms that have special meaning to your search. If there are any points not to be included, please state these. Also indicate which (if any) Subject Headings you have checked for information. Print clearly or if possible type your request in the space provided below.

__ bee venom __ propolis __ honey __ royal jelly __ pollen __ bee bread


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