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The Book Search is carried out without obligation. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee success all the time. Rare, out-of-print and secondhand books on apitherapy are hard to find. We will locate your book as quickly as we can and will notify you about the price and conditions of shipping. Please provide the following information for the book search. The more information you can give about your request the better.

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$10.00 USD per title

Please send book search request with payment per title via regular mail to: Apitherapy Education Service - Book Search, 9611 No. 4 Road, Richmond, B.C., Canada, V7A 2Z1, Ph./Fax (604) 271-9414


Cut Here!

You may cancel your Book Search request at any time. Should you locate a copy elsewhere or no longer need our service please cancel your request by phone or fax: (604) 271-9414 or e-mail: msimics@direct.ca
Terms and Conditions
The offer price will likely be higher than any price which may be printed on the book and is solely dependent on the sum required by the originating vendor. On the top of the vendor book price, shipping charges will apply. Once we locate the publication, payment in full is required. Once we have obtained the book you were searching for, your order cannot be canceled. The $10.00 US book search fee is nonrefundable.
Payment by check, International Money Order or Bank Draft only.

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