One of the most difficult research tasks in apitherapy, especially in bee venom therapy, is to locate books listed in bibliographies and references of papers. Most of these books were published a long time ago and were available in limited quantities only. Copies accumulated mainly in private hands and even an Interlibrary Loan Request from your local library finds them hard to locate. In this situation an individual may feel lucky to possess a copy for a week or two, but finds he or she needs it for regular reference to practice this very unique form of healing.

As part of our service we introduced a BOOK SEARCH to our clients. We maintain a list and publishing data on over 400 apitherapy related books, booklets and leaflets from all over the world. The Apitherapy Education Service responds to requests and locates publications. You may place an order for any apitherapy, but most particularly bee venom therapy book, and we will inform you when the requested title is available. The Order Form can be downloaded here.

NOTE: Some books are hard to find and it takes time to locate them. Some may show up for sale within a couple of months while others take a longer time. Their prices are at market value.

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