Our work with bee venom therapy is incomplete without the recognition of other people working in this field. We are pleased to list your name or your web page if you have contributed to the teaching, promotion, wide spread use of apitherapy and whom we have a collaborative working relationship.

Your Contacts

American Apitherapy Society
A nonprofit organization established for the investigation, data collection and education of the medical profession and the general public on the values of bee hive products.

Apitherapy Reference Database
A rich source of scientific information on all bee hive products, apitherapy related people and organizations.

Apitherapy - Bee Venom Therapy
A scientific review of the medicinal use of bee venom by Dr. Rothfeld.

Focuses on the practical and commercial aspects of apitherapy - Dr. Stefan Stangaciu.

Hymenoptera Venom Database
Dedicated to bringing venom collectors, suppliers and buyers together.

Apitherapy Bookshop
The largest Internet source of apitherapy related publications.

Bee Venom Therapy Supplies and Books
The one stop supplier of bee sting therapy materials, books and products.

Neural Therapy Workshops
Learn more about Neural Therapy with bee venom and Autonomic Response Testing.

Beeing Healthy - Bee Venom Therapy
Bee sting therapy video for multiple sclerosis with Kelly Ames.

Trichilia ABC - Marieke Mutsaers
Honeybee husbandry, hive products and apitherapy.

Permission is granted to link this Bee Venom Therapy Supplies and Books web site to yours without prior authorization.

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