There are four simple ways to order our products. Please read our Ordering Policies before ordering.

List Product Code and applicable price of each product you may wish to order. Add price of each product together and calculate shipping cost based on the combined weight of each product. You can look up shipping cost by weight and shipping method in the SHIPPING RATES section. Combine the total product(s) and shipping cost. Mail your check or money order in the final amount with your letter. You may also use your VISA or MasterCard to pay. If you are uncertain about the total shipping cost, please call or e-mail us.
List Product Code and applicable price of each product you may wish to purchase with the shipping cost and fax it to us. In this case VISA or MasterCard payment will be required.
Simple call us to place your order. Tel.: (604) 271-9414. VISA or MasterCard payment will be required.
E-mail us the list of products you wish to purchase and call us or fax your credit card information. Please do not send credit card information by e-mail for security reasons.

Here is our detailed ORDERING POLICIES. Read it before placing your first order. Thank you.

How to Order
Please provide the following information in your letter or fax when placing your order: your name, address, zip code, daytime telephone number and e-mail. Indicate the Product Code (P.C.), price and quantity of the product(s) listed in the catalogue or refer to our phone conversation if it is applicable. Specify the issue of the catalogue you are using to order the product. We honor our old list prices for the first 90 days after issuance of a new catalogue. There is no minimum order.

Product Code
Each product is identified with a unique code that will help you to order our products. Interpretation of Product Code:

BK030 - Can. - $55.95CAD; USA & INT. - $39.95USD Shipping wt.: 1.0 kg (SP, Xpress)

LM = Letter Mail (Canada, USA and International)
SP = Small Packets (Regular or Airmail: Canada, USA and International)
Xpress = Xpress Mail (Canada; Optional - USA and International)
PR = Parcel Rate (Regular or Airmail: Canada, USA and International)

Inquiries can be made on the features of products or to place an order by calling Monday through Friday, 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM Pacific Time (same time as California) to (604) 271-9414. You may also contact us by e-mail at msimics@direct.ca

Powdered and liquid bee venom orders must be received in writing on the letterhead of a medical practitioner, pharmacist, researcher or a laboratory that is certified to work with chemicals. The minimum order is 10.0 g. Orders must be received in writing before the end of April of each year and require a 50% deposit of their total value. Products will be sent on receipt of full payment. Any order exceeding $500.00 USD must be paid by certified check, bank draft or International Money Order.

Bee venom product* orders must be received in writing on the letterhead or prescription of an ayurvedic doctor, certified acupuncturist, dentist, doctor of chiropractic, doctor of medical dentistry and/or surgery, doctor of oriental medicine, doctor of osteopathy, family nurse practitioner, holistic health practitioner, licensed homeopathic physician, medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, pharmacist, registered nurse, researcher, veterinarian, or a laboratory. Orders will not be processed without the prescription.

It is suggested that you call before placing your first order. Bee venom products are being shipped as samples for experimental use and research purposes only. They have no commercial value.

* Except bee venom cream and ointment.

We reserve the right to refuse your order if we believe the products will be used in an unsafe manner.

Summer Orders
Please be advised that every year from early July to the end of August we collect bee venom in Calgary, Alberta and are unable to handle your orders within the usual time. We ask that you place your order before the middle of June and that you order enough to last you until the middle of September. This would help us to organize our service and provide you with a continuous supply of therapy materials and products. Other than in the summer, we will handle your telephone and e-mail inquiries within 24 hours. Thank you.

Orders are shipped prepaid. You can pay by personal or company check, bank draft, International Money Order or American Express Travellers Cheque made out to Apitronic Services. We accept VISA and MasterCard. Any order exceeding $500.00 USD must be paid by certified check, bank draft or International Money Order. If payment does not accompany the order, it will not be shipped. Sorry, no C.O.D's.

Checks for orders from the United States and International orders must be drawn on a US bank and made out in US dollars.

We charge $30.00 for returned N.S.F. and cancelled checks or for over-limit payments by credit card.

We do not accept the following payment methods under any circumstances "Western Union Wire Transfer, Western Union Money Order, Cook's Travel Money Order and MoneyGrams."

Credit Cards
You can use your VISA or MasterCard when you order by mail, fax or by simply calling us by phone. If we are not available at the time of your call please leave a message on our answering machine with your name as listed on the credit card, card number, expiration date, your address and your phone number followed the Product Code and quantity of each item you are ordering. We will call you back to confirm your order.

Your credit card invoices will be charged in Canadian Dollars and your credit card company will convert the invoice at the current exchange rate. Your credit card statement will reflect the exchange rate and the final charge in your country's currency. The exact amount in another currency will depend on the rate offered by your credit card company on that particular day. This may result in small differences, plus or minus, to the exact amount listed in this catalogue. If you pay by credit card, all U.S. pricing on this site is an approximation only based on the current exchange rate.

NOTE: Your credit card statement will reflect your charge as APITRONIC SERVICES, RICHMOND, BC.

Sales Taxes
Prices are subject to applicable taxes in Canada: GST 7%, if applicable - BC residents: PST 7%. Our GST Registration Number: 85757 2846 RT0001

All orders are processed within the delivery time noted in the catalogue. If the ordered products are not available, the customer will be informed of the date of delivery. The customer is responsible for all charges incurred upon importation of goods.

WARNING:Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery from the time your order is paid. Shipping conditions are out of our control. To ensure the continuous availability of a product, you may consider placing an order for more than you need or arrange a delivery at least when half of your supply remains. In some rare cases border fees may apply. We are not responsible for lost or misplaced product.

Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice.

International Orders
International orders are shipped via airmail. Any customs, import duties, or additional charges must be paid by the recipient. Apitronic Services has no control over these charges. Please be sure to check with Customs on your country’s rules and procedures before ordering. We can not be responsible for problems your order may encounter with your country’s policies.

Shipping Rates

Service/Size 0.05 kg 0.1 kg 0.2 kg 0.25 kg 0.5 kg 1 kg
Lettermail $1.50 $2.75 $4.25 N/A
Xpress Post (Regional) $6.00 - $9.00 N/A
Xpress Post (National) $11.50 - $15.50 N/A
Parcel Rate Please call for price quote.
Prices in CAD. Regional: BC, AB, SK, MB; National: ON, QC, NF, NS, PEI, NB
Fuel surcharge may apply.
Service/Size 0.05 kg 0.1 kg 0.2 kg 0.25 kg 0.5 kg 1.0 kg
Lettermail $2.50 $3.75 $8.00 N/A
Small Packets (Air) $7.00 $9.00 $14.50
Small Packets (Regular) $4.25 $7.50 $11.50
Parcel Rate Please call for price quote.
Prices in USD. Delivery: Airmail: 5-9 working days; Regular: 9-14 working days.
Service/Size 0.05 kg 0.1 kg 0.2 kg 0.25 kg 0.5 kg 1.0 kg

Lettermail $5.00 $7.50 $14.50 N/A
Small Packets (Air) $9.00 $16.00 $27.75
Small Packets (Regular) $6.50 $9.00 $14.25
Parcel Rate Please call for price quote.
Prices in USD. Delivery: Airmail: 5-12 working days; Regular: 6-12 weeks. * Shipped in cardboard box.
Rates by Canada Post: Effective from January 1st., 2005 to December 31st, 2005,

The application of bee venom may cause an allergic reaction and the application conditions are beyond our control. We make no warranty, claims or representations on our products except descriptions provided in sales literature, user instructions or product labels. Our liability is limited to the purchaser of the product and only to the amount of the purchase price.

Return Policy
Apitronic Services deals only with highly specialized products. If you have any questions or concerns about the suitability of our products for your condition, please call before ordering. Apitronic Services does not accept items for return if the customer is unable to use them because of insufficient qualifications, knowledge or experience.
Items may not be returned for credit or exchange without prior authorization, which must accompany all returned goods. Shipment of returned items must be prepaid by the sender. Shipping errors, damaged items or requests to return orders must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the merchandise. Any item which is accepted for return or exchange must be in its original container, unopened and undamaged. (The exception being material damaged in shipping). A 25% service charge will be assessed after the merchandise is received and will be deducted from the amount of your credit. Product(s) damaged in shipping must be reported within 24 hours and a damage report must be obtained from the postal service before issuing a credit or replacement of the product.

Nonrefundable Items
Injectable bee venom, powder bee and wasp venom, propolis powder and tincture, royal jelly powder and special order items like bee venom collector devices and accessories including safety equipment, hard to find books and publications, Apitherapy Research Service fees, and materials and shipping cost.

Warranty Statement
Apitronic Services guarantees that the product being shipped is brand new and meets the specifications listed in this catalogue. Supportive literature available is listed in this catalog or through our Apitherapy Research Service. All products are shipped with User Instructions. A Material Safety Data Sheet is provided with all bee venom orders. A Certificate of Origin is available for $100.00 USD and with orders over 100 g.

Professional Service
Apitronic Services is the major continuous supplier of quality honeybee venom in North America. We consistently develop new bee venom collection technologies, bee venom therapy materials and publish supportive literature. Product quality and the safe use of bee venom have our highest priority. To ensure the proper use and handling of our products we provide free consultation and technical support to our clients on the products we sell. Personalized consultation is also available on request. Ask for more details concerning consultation fees.

Information contained in this web page is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified health professional. Consult your practitioner before using any of the products listed herein.

To ensure the proper use and handling of our products we provide free consultation and technical support to our clients on the products we sell.

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