Published in the American Bee Journal, Vol. 141, No. 1, 2001, p. 24.

Apitronic Services is pleased to introduce a new line of semi-commercial bee venom collector devices. In response to inquiries from over 200 participants to whom we demonstrated and gave training in bee venom collection during Apimondia'99 in Vancouver, BC Canada, we developed and are now making available three new collector devices.

The smallest member of this line is the VC-6F that can drive six large sized collector frames simultaneously. Collection with this one is done mainly at the entrances of the hives. A larger version, the VC-12F, can handle 12 frames at a time at the entrance, from the top or from inside the hive. These collector devices are easy to use and simple to operate.

The most advanced of the new introductions is the VC-12FX that can handle the frames of the VC-12F, but has a number of added features to speed up collection time and provide more control over the venom collection procedure. It is a real Turn-On-And-Go device.

Collector devices were developed by Apitronic Services using our 10 years of commercial bee venom collection experience in North America. With these new devices we are able to satisfy the novice and the commercial collector.

Inquiries about bee venom collector devices can be made by contacting us at Apitronic Services, 9611 No. 4 Road, Richmond, BC Canada, Ph./Fax: (604) 271-9414. You can also e-mail us at or visit our web site for more details at

NEW (January 5, 2002)
Apitronic Services takes pride in announcing the introduction of the first microprocessor (computer) controlled 4th generation bee venom collector device. Developed over 14 years, it has been field tested for the last two. Beginning in 2002, all bee venom for the VeneX® product line will be collected with this new, state of the art device. It was developed solely for our own use and is expected to improve the quality of our products.

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