Excerpt from Simics, M.: Bee Venom: Exploring the Healing Power, p. 38., extended version.

Therapeutic Methods Using Bee Venom

Diseases Bee Sting & Apipuncture Injection Electro & Ultra-
Cream, Liniment, Ointment Health Notes
Arthritis X X X X WARNING:

Bee venom

should be



by a licenced


Bee Venom Allergy -- X -- --
CFS X X -- --
Eczema X X -- X
Fibromyalgia X X -- --
Frostbite -- -- -- X
Gout X X -- X
Immune Diseases X X -- --
Inflammatory Diseases X X -- --
Ischias X X X X
Joint Inflammation X X X X
Lumbago Neuralg. X X X X
Lyme Disease X X -- --
Mentsrual Cramps X X -- --
Multiple Sclerosis X X -- --
Muscle, Joint Pain X X X X
Periferial Vasc. Dis. X X -- --
Post Herperic Neur. X X -- X
Premenstrual Syndr. X X -- --
Psoriasis X X X X
Rheumatism X X X X
Raymonds Disease X X -- --
Scars X X -- --
Sciatica X X -- --
Sport Injuries -- -- X X
Tennis Elbow X X -- X

Glossary and Application Methods

External Preparations
Apilaser Therapy: The painless photobiomodulation: Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) assisted application of topical apiceuticals to enhance local penetration of such, and normalize functions in the living being. Applicable products: Cream, gel, embrocation, liniment, ointment.
Cream - Topical application, Electrophoresis
Gel - Electrophoresis, Ultrasonophoresis
Liniment - Topical application, Electrophoresis, Ultrasonophoresis
Ointment - Topical application
Embrocation: Lotion or liniment (liquid) like preparation that contains medicinal substances (herbs) for topical application.
Electrophoresis - Creams, gels, embrocations, liniments, ointments
Apimesotherapy: The application of bee venom into local (in situ) pain points under mesotherapy principles.
Biopuncture: Therapy that uses low (micro) doses of complex biotherapeutics (herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, and minerals) for injection administered i.c. or s.c. into local pain points, trigger points, joints or acupuncture points.
Homeoacupuncture: The injection of a homeopathic remedy into acupuncture points.
Homeopuncture: A combination of homeopathy and acupuncture in which an acupuncture needle is dipped into a sterile single or combination remedy, or the remedy is being placed on the skin above a specific acupuncture point and the needle is inserted.
Homeosineatry: A therapy that uses intracutaneous or subcutaneous injections of a single homeopathic remedy on one (1) specific acupuncture point.
Neural Therapy: The intracutaneous or subcutaneous administration of 1% Procaine into local pain points, trigger points and specific acupuncture points.
Electrophoresis (Galvano): The movement of particles between electrodes through a liquid or gel by the contact of an electrical current. It is known as a safe and effective means of absorbtion of bee venom.
Ultrasonophoresis: The movement of particles through a gel by the vibration of an ultrasonic wave or sound with frequency ranges are inaudible to human hearing.
Oral Preparations
Tablets and Pellets - Homeopathic preparations
Oral Liquids - Homeopathic preparations
Honey and Bee Venom Blends

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