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Apitherapy is the medicinal use of the honeybee (Apis mellifera) products: honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, bee bread, apilarnil, mead and beeswax to promote health and healing.

Apitherapy should not be practiced as a self-treatment without the professional guidance or close supervision of a qualified health professional.

Apitherapy treatment should be utilized only when an individual did not respond to conventional therapies, or conventional therapies cannot be practiced as the first treatment option.

Api-products may be administered as foods or dietary supplements except the case of bee venom.

The principle receiver of apitherapy must willingly participate, have detailed knowledge of the procedure and understand the risk-to-benefits involved in receiving the therapy.

The history of the condition should be carefully investigated before considering the use of api-products.

Apitherapy treatment should not harm or cause immediate, temporary or permanent damage in the health condition of the recipient.

Close attention should be paid to contraindications to any of the api-products, their relation to a specific health condition and interaction with medications taken currently or in the past by the recipient.

The principle receiver of the therapy should be prepared to initiate life-style and dietary changes, and to be an active participant in the healing process to maximize the benefits of api-products.

An emergency allergy kit should be kept on hand all the time in the event of an emergency.

An allergy test should be performed before administering any of the api-products, but in particular before administering bee venom. The test should be conducted by a qualified health practitioner in a medical clinic equipped with proper materials and designated life saving emergency procedures.

The apitherapy treatment should be individualized contemplating the general state of health of the principle receiver, the health condition to be treated, and the route of delivery of the applicable api-product(s) for the condition.

The use of api-products in conjunction with one another may have a secondary indication for a specific health condition, support and amplify the healing effect of the principle product, in which the treatment outcome should be encouraged.

The over use of any of the api-products should be avoided, particularly the over use of bee venom.

Medications prescribed prior to apitherapy under conventional care may slow or nullify the beneficial effect(s) of a particular api-product.

The effect of api-products may be lessened or fully neutralized (antidote) with the simultaneous, but non-rationalized application of another api-product, food, drink, cosmetics or some of their ingredients.

The duration of an apitherapy treatment is proportional with the severity of the treated health condition, the proper execution of therapy guidelines, the knowledge of the therapy provider and the necessary positive attitude, willingness and participation of the principle receiver.

After an unspecified period of time of symptom relief, re-initiating and repeating the apitherapy treatment may be needed to maintain an improved health status that previously did not respond to conventional therapies.


Api-Laser Therapy: creams, embrocations, gels, liniments, liquids, ointments
Api-photophoresis: creams, embrocations, gels, liniments, liquids, ointments
Apipuncture: direct bee stings
Biopuncture: sterile injectables
Electrophoresis (iontophoresis): embrocations, liquids
Homeoacupuncture: sterile liquids, sterile injectables
Homeopathy: creams, globules, oral liquids, tablets
Homeosineatry: sterile injections
Injectables: sterile injections
Mesotherapy: sterile injections
Neural Therapy: sterile injections
Oral: blends, extracts, globules, lozenges, oral liquid, pills, pellets, raw products, syrups, tablets
Topical: embrocations, balms, creams, liniments, ointments, rubs
Ultrasonophoresis: liquids, gels, liniments

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